why me
Brand's philosophy
Our clothes are designed for young, confident people from 20 to 120 years.
Direction "Palmus", a line for all genders of comfortable, unusual, fun, high-quality clothes of the medium-high, premium segment, for everyday use. Capsule collection.
Knitted walking suits, knitted walking trousers, knitted suits combined with textile fabric (for example, linen, cotton, viscose, silk, modal, etc.), T-shirts, windbreaker jackets, bombers, linen and cotton jackets, trousers , shirts, etc. I started with knitwear!
Baobab collection

Together with my partners from Baobab.Zone Co, we began to develop a collection of popular clothing, first for the African and then international markets under the Baobab brand.


The Gallery

our clothing models will be located here

Three Simple Questions

Tired of Chinese synthetic fakes?

Desperate to find something truly individual?

But your wardrobe still needs overhaul?

My desire is to make you beautiful, high-quality and custom clothes!